Education Scholarships General Information

Foundation for the Development of ITU offers scholarships to our students who are doing their undergraduate studies at our university. Student scholarships, which are given each year, are determined by considering the success criteria and the need criteria.

It gives “Learning Scholarship” to our students who are in need and successful in undergraduate education.

This type of scholarship is offered to students who have a GPA over 2.50 points and who need a scholarship for 500 TL per month during an academic calendar year (9 months).

Application Requirements

· Being a registered student of Istanbul Technical University is a prerequisite to take advantage of all the scholarship opportunities that our foundation offers to students.

· Insufficient financial means to continue their education and therefore need support,

· Not to receive disciplinary action from ITU. If the students who receive a scholarship are punished due to their behavior contrary to the Disciplinary Regulations (except for the warning action), their scholarships are cut.

· To complete ITU foreign language preparation school successfully in one year.

Process and What To Do

The applications made are evaluated by our Foundation Management and / or our Board of Directors by making the necessary examinations and application documents are requested for the determination of the scholars. Evaluation of the application files is done by scoring after examining the application form and additional documents. According to the scoring results, students who are awarded a scholarship are notified by e-mail. Scholarships are annual.

Our students who want to benefit from the scholarship opportunities provided to our students and who meet the scholarship application requirements, must fill in the application form online correctly and completely via the link given below, along with the documents specified in the "LEARNING SCHOLARSHIP DESCRIPTION AND APPLICATION DOCUMENTS of FOUNDATION FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF ITU" link. According to ITU Disciplinary Regulations, disciplinary investigations about students are opened for those who do not make the correct declaration, necessary penalties are given and the situation is recorded in the student's registry. The information given in the scholarship application will be kept confidential.