General Information

Since the day it was founded, Foundation for the Development of ITU has provided many supports to academics of Istanbul Technical University for academic research and encouragement. The support given by our foundation to academics are programs aimed at improving the international relations of our university, increasing the global recognition of our faculty members and expanding their scientific networks, as well as the purpose of improving the personal and collective work of academic staff.

As of 2019, the foundation management has completed its studies to improve the research opportunities of academicians abroad with new programs. Our Supports for Participation in International Scientific Meetings that we offer to our academics;

Support for Participating in International Scientific Meetings

Our foundation meets the expenses of road, accommodation, etc. for ITU academics to represent our university by attending conferences and seminars on national and international platforms. Our foundation provides support within the budget limits determined every year by ITU academic staff and researchers. Project details and application conditions are given below. Support will be provided to MSc and PhD students, who state that they will participate as writers in international presentations, to participate in international scientific meetings so that they can be with the project executives.

Documents Required for Application

Academic staff members who want to benefit from the "Conference / Seminar" services and facilities offered to ITU academics and researchers must prepare the documents listed below and apply to our foundation in writing.

o Petition

o Subject of Application: In this section, information about the subject applied, the declaration, the program of the conference where the declaration will be presented, the acceptance letter and etc. should be added.

o Resume

o Additional Documentation (depending on the subject of the application, the documentation you wish to have in your file should be attached here)

Applications made are evaluated by our Foundation Management and / or our Board of Directors depending on their subjects and requested support, and concluded as soon as possible, and the results are reported in writing to ITU faculty members who apply.

In case support is given, in order for the processes to continue

o Letter from ITU Faculty / Department Management or Institute Directorates

o ITU Assignment Letter (if necessary depending on the subject)

In order to complete the procedures regarding the Supports

o Conference / Seminar Arrangement / Participation Supports It is paid at the beginning of each year at the latest in return for invoices to be issued to our foundation. If an advance is requested before travel, provided that this amount remains within; A petition that an advance is requested must be sent to the Foundation.

o After the Conference / Seminar Editing / Participation, the original documents of the expenditure documents must be submitted to our Foundation within 2 weeks at the latest. Advances that do not close within 2 weeks are subject to a 12% fine and legal follow-up.

o After the Conference / Seminar Arrangement / Participation, if you requested “accommodation” from the rectorate in your appointment, if you requested your accommodation invoice “daily pay”, the picture page of your passport and the pages with the entry-exit stamp of your travel, if you requested “travel pay”, the original of your flight ticket (if you bought an e-ticket your e-ticket and boarding passes) and the invoice of your flight ticket, and if you requested “conference registration”, the conference registration invoice must be delivered to our Foundation.

o The accommodation bill is covered on condition that it does not exceed 50% of the total daily pay.