Foundation for the Development of ITU, which aims to ensure unity and solidarity among all employees who have worked and works with a great devotion at Istanbul Technical University in the fields of education, health, culture and scientific R&D; to help the development of this community; to take the place of our university in national and international platforms to higher levels; to raise the content of education and training, standards, accessibility and quality, offers a wide range of services and opportunities to Istanbul Technical University, both financial and moral.

In this context, our foundation, which provides various supports to ITU academics, also provides support on subjects such as “education research”. The financial support that academicians need in their projects such as education and scientific research, is one of the other academic supports that our foundation provides.

In order to provide this support, the application process begins with the details of the project, the amount needed for the project (in detail) and the necessary documents. If the project subject to the application is evaluated and deemed appropriate, it is supported by our foundation.

Documents required for application;

Application Process and Required Documents

· Detailing the financial support needed for the project and total amount

· Additional Documentation (depending on the subject of the application, the documentation you wish to have in your file should be attached here)

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